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Friendly Connectors

Friendly Connectors is a non-traditional referral program focused on outreach to individuals living with dementia or at-risk of living with dementia and are physically or socially isolated.

Friendly Connectors are individuals in the community that already are around people that may be at risk, they are trained to look for possible changes in behavior indicating a need for assistance and to make a referral.

Possible Friendly Connectors are: postal workers, first responders, bankers, utility company workers, hair dressers, delivery people, church members, neighbors or really anyone else in the community. 

Once an individual is referred, Dementia Friendly Wyoming will contact them to see if they are interested in services through the GPS Support Center, The Hub or other community programs. 

The goals of Friendly Connector program are to provide a safe, caring community; support physically or socially isolated individuals living with dementia by offering services that help them stay in their homes and prevent a crisis from happening by identifying and providing services to those in need.

If you or your organization wants to be trained to become Friendly Connectors please call Dementia Friendly Wyoming at 307-461-7134.